Firmware Update

Support for Ultimate Game Tech Software

Here are instructions for how to update the firmware of you UGT Manager. Please follow the instructions carefully. Contact us on support if you have questions or experience problems. 

Caution: Updating Firmware incorrectly can cause permanent damage to your device. Please follow the instructions exactly


  1. Plug the device into your PC and wait for it to be detected
  2. Open the UGT Manager
  3. Click the button to the right of the Firmware version and follow the onscreen prompts
  4. Device will flash the red LED’s and the firmware updater will show the device as connected
  5. Wait for the firmware update to complete with the message “UGT LCD Firmware update complete successfully
  6. For problems with Firmware update or failed updates, please see below.

Firmware Hanging on update

Sometimes a firmware update will hang after the device starts flashing red.

If this happens, please trigger the update manually:

Help ->Firmware Recovery->Ok->Yes

The device should restart and firmware will be updated.


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