Troubleshooting your UGT Device

Support for Ultimate Game Tech Software

Please follow these instructions in order to troubleshoort your UGT Device. If you experience further problems, please get in touch with us. 

Known Issues

MiGE Devices are known to cause interference which causes erratic behavior in the UGT Device. If you are using a MiGE, it is important to use full shielded wires for your OSW to prevent instability. To test if your MiGE is causing issues, please connect the UGT device without the MiGE connected.

If you have purchased a Cube Controls Formula CSX, ensure you are using the cable shipped with the device or you may experience problems.

Unstable UGT Manager or device connection: Ensure you are not using a USB extension cable. Depending on your PC, you may require a powered hub.

UGT Manager will not start or license error: Install Steam and a Steam game (any demo is fine or a full game).

If you are getting display glitches or crashing, please get in touch. This could be due to corrupted fonts on the device which can be caused if the incorrect cable has been used or by EMI where non-shielded cables have been used with OSW devices.

ASUS armory crate causes instability, slow device detection and crashing of UGT Manager. We are still investigating why but for now, please uninstall ASUS armory crate.

UGT Manager closes without error message on startup with or without wheel plugged in: Bad dirt 2 “hardware_settings_config.xml” in Documents\My Games\DiRT2\hardwaresettings. Rename this file to “OLD-hardware_settings_config.xml” and UGT will open correctly


Follow the below steps to troubleshoot your device.  Get in touch with us if you are still stuck.

  1. Unplug other USB devices plugged into the PC
  2. Plug the device directly into you PC (not through a USB hub)
  3. Check Windows detects the device
  4. If built into a wheel, check windows detects the inputs from the wheel (control panel devices and printers. right click on the device->game controller settings->properties)
  5. Check UGT Manager detects the device without a sim running
  6. Update Device Firmware and UGT Manager software from within UGT Manager (coloured buttons at the top)
  7. If built into a wheel, Check UGT Manager detects the button presses (Input Devices-UGT Input device)
  8. Run test data from the UGT Manager and check it runs without crashing
  9. Stop Test data before launching a sim
  10. Configured the in-game options for games with an info button in the UGT Manager?  ie project cars, IRacing etc
  11. Copy plugins manually in case of automatic copy failure (IRacing plugin copy described below)
Support – Firmware Update

For further help, email us at with the below information.  The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help you.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. List any other USB devices plugged into the PC?
  2. What is your operating system?
  3. Does Windows detect the device?
  4. Is the device built into a wheel?
  5. If built into a wheel, does windows detect the inputs from a wheel (control panel devices and printers. right click on the device->game controller settings->properties)
  6. Provide the output from dxdiag
  7. Does UGT Manager detect the device?
  8. If built into a wheel, Does UGT Manager detect the button presses (Input Devices-UGT Input device)
  9. Run test data from the UGT Manager? Does it run and does the device freeze?
  10. If the device is detected by windows and the UGT Manager, start a game.  Which of the following happens? the game crashes, the UGT Manager crashes, The screen freezes on the wheel?
  11. What Sim(s) is this affecting?
  12. Have you configured the in-game options for games with an info button in the UGT Manager?  ie project cars, IRacing etc…
RFactor and RFactor 2 Not Detected – Firmware Update

Normally games should be detected by UGT Manager and the relevant plugin copied automatically.  If they are not you may need to copy them manually.

Find the plugin on your PC in %appdata%\ultimategametech\plugins (the %appdata% acts as a shortcut in windows so that should take you to C:\Users\ YOUR USER NAME \AppData\Roaming\UltimateGameTech\plugins) :

RFACTOR1 Plugin:  “UGT_rFactor_x86.dll“   |   RFACTOR2 Plugin:  “UGT_rF2_x64.dll”

For Steam, the default directory path is:

RFACTOR “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor\Plugins”

RFACTOR2 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Bin64\Plugins”

You can also open UGT Manager and if you go to “Global Options” | “Open Logs Folder” you can then go up a directory and you should see the plugins folder.

RFactor and RFactor 2 is not currently detected by the UGT Manager software, however it will still pick up global settings and global mappings.  If you do need to set specific settings for RFactor, click “Show all Sims” to show RFactor and edit the layouts and key mappings as normal.

Configure Simhub to work with UGT Manager – Firmware Update

For UDP games, ie F1 2019 UGT Manager listens on the game’s default UDP.  You must change the game to output to non-standard UDP port and then forward the UDP data with Simhub so UGT Manager will pick it up. 


  1. Change the following file from read only so you can save changes
    \Documents\My Games\F1 2019\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml
  2. Change the following line to output to 20778 instead of 20777
    <udp enabled=”true” format=”F12019” sendRate=”60” port=”20777” ip=”” broadcast=”true“/>
  3. Set Simhub to forward to port 20777

Troubleshooting your UGT device

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