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UGT Manager

Download the latest ugt manager beta version

Find the latest beta version of UGT Manager and download here, as well as earlier versions. 

Please note, for some new devices shipping in steering wheels running older firmware, you must install the stable release before upgrading to a beta.

Most recent Beta version & release notes: 

04/06-2021 – Beta version 1.6.7748.3157
Download here

Release notes (the link above includes a more detailed explanation of the following bullet points) 

* Fixed a problem in ACC where special layouts randomly popped up
* Fixed a problem in certain iRacing Endurance Races
* Added support for Project CARS 3
* Added “Turn off LCD/LEDs when UGT Manager closes” to System Menu (including Backlit buttons on CSX 1/2 & GT-X) 
 * Modified Delay Config to allow 0 Delay for Data
 * Added Export & Import Template to Layout Generator for creating custom Backgrounds
 * Corrected values sometimes being displayed wrong   – example: BrakeBias 55 displayed as 54.1, because numbers are not rounded, it can still display as 54.9
* Added new Data items

Older Beta versions: 

Thanks to current beta testers.

1/1-2021 – Beta version 1.6.7655.21434 
Download here

Download here

Release notes

New in UGT Manager Main App:

* Silent Reconnect
* System Menu
– Show Connection Info
– Open Error Logs Folder
– Connection Test
– Delay Configuration
– Reset Device and Reconnect
– Reset Device NOT Connecting

New in Mappings:

* Reset_Reconnect
* Reset_Only

Bug Fixes:

General, All Sims:

* Load Correct Layouts
* Update Mappings Correctly when Sim is running

Codemasters F1 Series:

* Mapped Keystrokes are now loaded correctly
* QuickMenu_Up Keystroke (Mappings) is now working correctly
* ERS/KERS and DRS are now displayed correct if racing the Generic Car [F1 2020 only]

Project Cars 1:

* Is now working correct in sessions with less than 16 Cars

Assetto Corsa Competizione:

* Corrected Brake Bias values for New Cars
* Corrected DisplayNames for All Cars


* Added more options to Delay Configuration
* Added “Stop on Error” Tickbox to Delay Configuration (Off by Default)
* Special Layouts are now displayed one by one instead of “all at once”
* “Open Logs” in Global Options got renamed to “Open Race Logs Folder”
* All “Allow Sliders” tickboxes in Mappings are now unticked initially

Please read the release notes for more detailed information!

19/10/20 1.6.7597.40781 – download here

This is update 4 to the previous beta

Added logging: this can cause stability issues and should only be turned on if requested by UGT or if the device is already crashing. (logs files accessible from Global Options->Logs button)

Added settings import/export (accessible under Global Options)

UDP port 5056 added in port check for pCARS1

Fix for fuel consumption calculations and brake temps for rFactor 2

Fixes for iRacing

Fix for minor blinking bug in Optimal lap data item

Fix to screen freezing under certain conditions while changing layouts


25/09/20 1.6.7573.23632 – download here

This is update 3 to the previous beta

22/09/20 1.6.7570.33464 – download here

This is update 2 to the previous beta

-Support for Richard Burns Rally

-Support for Grid 2019

-F1 2020 bug fixes

-Added delay configuration form to allow data speed to be changed

31/08/20 1.6.7545.37537- download here

– Support for extra LED’s

– American Truck Simulator Support

Previous beta 1.6.7531.24017 released to stable 15/09/20

15/08/20 1.6.7531.24017- download here

This is update 5 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– iRacing and layout generator stability improvements to prevent occasional display hang and missed shifts

13/08/20 1.6.7530.27711

This is update 4 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– Layout Generator import fix when importing a layout with custom fonts.
– Fuel bar and tire wear data fixed while running test data

10/08/20 1.6.7523.33960

This is update 3 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– Layout Generator issue when using fewer than 14 colours in a layout before a gap in layout numbers
– Data Sending fix to stop data turning off when closing settings or layout generator while a sim is running
– Added a check to to prevent Layout Generator and Media Manager from opening if a simulation is running (settings and mappings for currently running sim or Global can be opened while a sim is running)

30/07/20 1.6.7515.22071

This is update 2 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– iRacing: updated support for very Long Tracks in 25km+ / up to 14 Sectors like Nürburgring combined
– Fixed missing mapping options like: KPH/MPH, Sub_Page_Cycle and Extra_info_Cycle in some Simulations (check your Mappings)
– Settings window now in tabbed views to improve accessibility and fit common monitor sizes and resolutions
– Added Brightness_Up and Brightness_Down to be able to map 2 buttons or one encoder to increase/Decrease Brightness by 5% (20 steps from brightest to darkest)

27/07/2020 -1.6.7508.24299

This is update 1 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
-F1 2020: Stability fixes plus support for more than 22 cars (allows My Team Races)
-IRacing: Nurburgring plus other tracks starting in pits now gives data output
-Layout Generator bug fix to handle deleted layouts

Previous Beta 10/07/2020

DO NOT INSTALL THIS BETA VERSION if you’ve deleted layouts and have a
jump between layout numbers (ie you’ve deleted number 5 so it goes 1, 2,
3, 4, 6, 7 etc).

– Specific settings for sim / car class / car
– Configurable dynamic colours including optimal ranges
– Extra data Items
– Layout Generator: Major backend overhaul. You will be able to see the data items available for each sim so you know which ones you can use when building layouts.
– Improvements in all supported sims.
– F1 2020 Compatibilty.
– If using 4K resolution, please change scaling to 225% to see save button on settings form.
**Configuration of Project Cars 1, Project Cars 2 and Automobilista 2 has changed compared to previous versions!! (Click Info Button on UGT Manager to see the correct settings!)

– Many iRacing improvements
– Graphical bars added to display
– Game support for graphical bars
– Layout generator support for graphical bars
– Additional layouts can be downloaded on the layout download page
*** you must be running the latest firmware for this version to work correctly ***

1.2.7327.39780 (10/02/20)
– Raceroom compatibility improvements
– Assetto Corsa Pro compatibility completed
– IRacing: improvements
– Moved file system update into layouts menu

1.2.7320.3125 (16/01/20)
-Raceroom compatibility: Fixed Raceroom causing screen crashes with certain data items, fixed RPM indicator
-F1 2019: Various fixes to improve stability
-Fixed UGT Manager LED slider min/max values causing app crash
-IRacing: improvements
-UGT Manager now refreshing correctly after layout import
-Added AC Pro support

1.2.7271.36519 (01/12/19)
– Special Layouts
– File system update and synchronising
– Hybrid cars
– Launch control

1.2.7208.4656 (25/09/19)
– Greatly Improved AC support (ACC to be updated soon), rFactor and rFactor 2 Delta times and DRS updates, bug fixed when steam is installed with no games present

1.2.7150.35652 (30/07/19)

– Added iRacing driver info in Timetrial, Updated Raceroom data output for Gear

1.2.7149.30072 (29/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, Added Beta RaceRoom Support

1.2.7146.24172 (26/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, removed file system check on app load

1.2.7144.34062 (25/07/19)
– Improved game compatibility: Project Cars 2, iRacing, F1 2019 using new data output

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