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Asetek x Ultimate Game Tech

Asetek SimSports is now the home of UGT. With our 20+ years of experience with developing and selling PC gaming and enthusiast liquid cooling products we are now using our core competencies within mechatronics and gaming to expand in to SimSports, which includes adding the team and products of UGT to our family.

Like Asetek, UGT took the complexity of SimSports configuration software and hardware and innovated unique and easy-to-use solutions. This is just the beginning and for now things will be “business as usual” but stay tuned as Asetek expands in the SimSports space.

History of Sim Innovation

UGT’s first offerings were steering wheels. Dissatisfied with the existing dashboards and displays, UGT went about solving the challenge with limited inputs, including inputs from the graphics card to run a dashboard.

The serious simmers at UGT began to experiment, including utilizing over-powered microchips to prevent lag and future-proof the design, LCD upgrades and improvements on the printed circuit board. UGT’s LCDRace came to life, maximize processing power.

From this early innovation, UGT expanded into game compatibility, UGT Manager software updates and configurations, and firmware and hardware enhancements.


UGT Manager

The UGT Manager is a powerful all-in-one tool that allows users to customize their race display, shifter LEDs and button configurations.
UGT Manager makes it a breeze to setup and configure your favourite wheel with a UGT display.
UGT Manager must run in the background, to allow continuous data-exchange with your favourite sim.


UGT Controller Manager

The UGT Controller Manager is the perfect solution to configure your (display-less) UGT based steeringwheel. It empowers the user with full configurability of all buttons on the wheel, and is a fire-and-forget solution. Once you’ve setup your input configuration, close the app and RACE!

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